Random Photos

I'm a bit of a pack rat when it comes to photos. I collect them, digitally restore them and enjoy the history or the stories that go with them. I'm going to put some of them up on the site, with a few words about them. I hope you like them.

Lets start at the source...

Exhibit A is my rather dusty Mamiya/Sekor auto XTL SLR camera. I bought this second hand for £40 in 1990 with couple of lenses and I figured out all the basics on this camera - exposure, aperture, iso settings, shutter speed. The counter for exposures was broke when I got it (and it's still broke today!), otherwise it still works perfectly including the light meter.

According to camera-wiki.org this model was introduced in 1971 so potentially this camera might be approaching 50 years old.

I might have gone a bit meta with this post. Never mind I don't think anyone noticed... :)

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