Old Stuff - 'ThinServer' blogging - Part 3

More random ghost server stuff from 4 years ago...

Part three already! Ok so if you have got this far you have got through the basic installation in part 1 and the port wrangling in part 2, and now have a basic blogging platform running on a thinserver - congratulations!

Having said that it's a bit bland and also strangely empty so lets do something about that by getting you a theme and graphics.

Head on over to the marketplace and pick out a theme that you like. There are some that are only available for purchase but many more that are available for free. I am using Basix by Emily Young at the moment - it's very clean and it just jumped out at me as the perfect choice.

Once you have picked out your favourite click through to the theme and look for the download link. This can be in a variety of places but you were wanting to have a good look around you new theme anyway - right?

The vast majority of the themes are hosted on github. Just look over to the right hand side and you'll see a button saying "Download Zip" - that's the one to click.

Download the zip file to your thinserver or transfer it over on a USB stick. If you've followed my instructions so far, then the correct location to copy the zip file to is C:\ghost-0.5.10\content\themes

Unzip the file to a folder so that you end up with C:\ghost-0.5.10\content\themes\yourthemenamehere. If you are not sure if you've done it right then you should have a file inside the yourthemenamehere folder called author.hbs along with a bunch of other files and folders.

Next log into the admin side of Ghost. If you are working on the thinserver this will be Alternatively subsitute the local ip address of the thinserver or even example.duckdns.org/ghost from anywhere with an internet connection if your port forwarding is up and running - just subsitute your own domain name.

Since this is your first login you are going to have to enter some details

  • The title of your blog
  • Your name
  • An email address that you will use to administer and login to the blog. Create a seperate gmail address if you are unsure - you can always forward the mail,
  • A password - make it as secure and complex as you can.

Once you hit the 'lets do this' button then you are good to go. You'll now be directed to the admin pages.

OK, time to finally make your theme live. Hit the SETTINGS tag on the black bar that runs across the top of the screen. Scroll right to the bottom of the screen and switch the theme to your own. Now scroll back to the top of the screen and hit the save button. That's it - your theme is live.

While you are at this screen you'll probably want to upload a blog cover image and possibly a logo. Then click on the 'i-ching' logo in the top corner to see the finished blog.

Next steps? Take some time to get to know Ghost - I found the Ghost for Beginers website a great starting point.

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