Old Stuff - 'ThinServer' as an audio dukebox - a quick and dirty howto

Another post from 4 years ago. Happy to say that the Sockso site is still alive and a refreshing change to the DRM centrist, internet connection required environments we have today. I'd avoid flash these days so factor that in and apply common sense as you are reading. Enjoy the zeitgeist...

Welcome to part 2 in the warranty voiding series. To make this build, firstly follow the steps for creating a 'thinserver' from a HP thinterm that I ran through in the first part.

You'll also need these additional ingredients!

  • An additional windows PC or laptop networked to the internet and the thinterm Ideally it should also have flash installed.
  • USB stick for installation purposes
  • USB stick or external drive for MP3 files ( you can reuse the installer USB stick if you like and it is large enough )
  • MP3 files (to taste)
  • jre-8u25-windows-i586.exe downloaded from http://tinyurl.com/pyy48to
  • sockso-1.5.3.zip downloaded from http://sockso.googlecode.com/files/sockso-1.5.3.zip

Install Java & Sockso On the windows PC or laptop, insert the USB stick with the firmware on it and format it it to wipe it clean. Copy the jre-8u25-windows-i586.exe file to it. Unzip the sockso file and copy the folder with the extracted files to the USB stick. When complete remove the USB stick from the PC or laptop.

Insert the USB stick in the thinterm and run the jre-8u25-windows-i586.exe installer. Follow the prompts to install Sun Java on the thinterm. When complete copy the sockso folder as-is to the Administrator's My Documents folder. Remove the USB stick

Open the My Documents folder and locate the windows.bat file. Create a shortcut to this file onto the desktop. Right click this new shortcut and select copy. Right click the start button and select open all users. Double click the Programs folder that is displayed and then the Startup folder within that. Paste the shortcut into this folder. Close all windows.

Configure Sockso Insert or attach the USB drive or stick containing your MP3 files. Double click the shortcut you made on the desktop. After a short pause Sockso will start and display the Collection Manager. Select the Collection Tab and click the '+ Add Folder' button. Browse to the drive that contains your MP3 files and then click Open. Scanning should start automatically - if it doesn't click the Scan Now button. Wait until the scan has finished indexing the MP3s. If there are a few this could take a while.

Make a note of the URL displayed in the bottom corner of the Collection Manager - you're going to need this.

Turn on, tune in... On the PC or laptop open a web browser and type in the URL you noted in the last step. You're now looking at Sockso and will be able to play any music that it indexed. There are a few options for players - just select the one that works best for you. Most of these use flash so make sure that the device you are using has this or java installed.

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