Facebook? Yeah Nahh...

I remember my few days on Facebook...

Actually I remember a time before then. I remember BBS boards and x-padding off Janet, but that would just show my age and frankly nobody has time for that. Besides there were no targeted adverts back then.

... and then I left as fast as I possibly could, deleting what little information I had given them, once I saw the sheer amount of data it had and what it had the potential to become.

That was about 2005, when MySpace was already on the slide. People kept asking, why are you not on Facebook? I said I didn't trust it.

Pretty soon, people became data. Then the data got valuable and the focus left the people. Then nobody was watching when the data began manipulating the people.

So no, I'm not on Facebook, or Fakebook as it's detractors have started referring to it as.

If you want to read a good book about those complications, I suggest Chaos Monkeys by Antonio Garcia Martinez.
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